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With our professional alterations, you can enjoy a custom fit on all of your clothing. Buying custom made clothes can be too expensive for most people, but you can achieve the same look with our quality services. When the help of a great tailor, you can afford to buy those beautiful pants that are just a little too long, and you can even invest in the killer jacket that's a little snug across the chest.

In addition to making your clothes fit properly, we can even make your clothes fit your body perfectly. With our expert tailoring experience, we can help you play up your best features and minimize what you may not feel as confident about. Our tailoring services can make your pants hang on you better, leave your shirts fitting better and help you feel great in your favorite clothes.

People come to see us when they gain a few pounds, lose a little weight or their body shape alters slightly. It doesn't matter if you just bought the clothes or you're trying to keep a classic suit fitting you perfectly. Our tailoring services are designed to help you enjoy a custom fit without paying the high fees associated with having clothing custom made.

Call on us when your pants are too long, your wedding dress is a little snug or your business suits are all a little loose. Our expert tailors will take exact measurements to ensure that your clothes look incredible on you.

Helga's Tailoring and Alterations

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