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Our custom services are designed to make sure your clothes fit great, but we can also breathe new life into old outfits. We offer more than basic services for taking in hems, lengthening sleeves and adjusting the fit of clothing. With our recut custom tailoring, you can actually transform your favorite old outfits into something that will work for you today.

A wedding dress can hang in the closet and gather dust for eternity, or you can let us use t he fabric to make a lovely skirt that you will get more use out of. When you lose a lot of weight, your quality clothes won't fit anymore. We can cut them down to ensure that they will fit great, so you can look incredible and still enjoy your favorite clothes. Whether you want to shorten a bride's maid dress into a classy cocktail gown or have clothes from your heavier days cut down to fit your slim new physique, you can trust our custom tailoring services.

Through careful measurements, we will provide you with clothes that fit like a glove and look like a dream. It 's more affordable than buying a new wardrobe, and it lets you breathe new life into those garments that have a special meaning for you.

Helga's Tailoring and Alterations

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