1. I recently lost a few pounds and am continuing to lose weight. I came to the decision that I couldn’t afford to replace my wardrobe every time I downsize, until I reach my goal weight. The problem is that my clothes hang, unattractively from my slimmer self. I decided to bring a couple of my favorite jeans and work clothes to Helga’s and see if she could take them in some. She was very friendly and professional as she took my measurements and talked with me about my weight loss. Her work was very good – you could hardly tell that they were altered. She matched the original thread color and duplicated the seaming perfectly. Because I brought a lot of clothes for altering, she gave me a 10% discount. It was definately cheaper than re-purchasing, and looked a lot better than if I had tried to do the work myself. I will continue to visit Helga’s and would recommend her services for anyone who needs alterations on their clothing.

  2. I’ve visited Helga’s twice. The first time, I took three pairs of pants to be hemmed. The gentleman was very courteous but not overly familiar and the pants were finished when I was told I could pick them up. He did a great job hemming them to a flexible length for heels or flats. I recently returned to have a bridesmaid dress tailored. Once again I got courteous and professional service. The dress was taken in more than two sizes, looked great, and actually didn’t feel like the tent I had tried on at the shop-all for about half what that unfortunate bigbix bridal shop would have cost me.I will be returning with a pair of pants I bought recently, since my legs have mysteriously not gotten any longer.

  3. I have used Helga’s for a few years now. For me they have altered suits, sewn buttons, and altered pants.I have always found they guys to be friendly and helpful and they do good work.Had a button come loose about a month after they worked on it and they took care of it with no problems.

  4. I took my prom dress here in 2005. It needed major work – the length had to be shortened (all 3 layers)

  5. Okay, so we all know that alterations aren’t cheap, but they lengthen the life of your clothes and if it’s done wrong, you can’t wear them anymore. I used Rozy’s Alterations for years and after she closed up shop, someone highly recommended Helga’s after she altered their wedding dress and other pieces. I’ve had Helga work on pants and dresses, hems and tailoring, and have always been satisfied with the work. Over the years I’ve had to toss items that were hemmed too short, etc and the work at Helga’s is top notch. There are several dressing rooms and lots of mirrors so they can fit everything just right, with quick fixes ready within the week most times.